My Idea of A Perfect Life

I love the idea of living modestly..far more than the idea of living with a massive wealth that can last for generations. But then again…I never tried being rich, so I can’t really speak about wealth. On a few occasion where I had a brush with some wealthy acquaintances, I didn’t really feel like I could belong to that group. If there was one moment where I had been thinking about getting was when..I had a crush with a celebrity..I wish I was rich so I could fly to him and become equal and you know…*** ( are allowed to laugh)..

So there you go….that’s why I fall into the middle income group. I think..if I really want to become more than just an ordinary salary woman, perhaps I could open up my own small animal clinic and works really hard know…become slightly rich.. (LOL)..but then I have tried working in a small animal clinic and realized..oh no…(I can’t deal with this everyday), so I gave up small animal clinic and become a civil servant. 🙂

What I like about my job now is exactly because I am a government servant. Let me spell that again..SERVANT.. 🙂

I love the idea of being a servant. It’s a far cry from becoming rich, but at know..I have tested the water and this is where I think I can last. Because in being a servant, I help and I can still live modestly with my meagre salary. In short my mission in life is accomplished which is (to serve happily & live modestly).

The reason why I speak of this thing today is again because I just came back from field works and happened to meet some rich people who were naturally very generous, what with feeding you with all kinds of expensive foods and bringing you to places..BUT still I feel hollow and empty..when I returned back home, with the questions in my head (would I ever find true friendship with these people since I have nothing to offer).

With that thought..I once again reaffirm myself that I love my life just the way it is. 🙂