About Reading..

Holiday is coming..because of the Hari Raya Celebration and I am planning to feast on books to kill time. Huhu. Well, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything else to do. It just that, I have not engrossed in reading for such a long long time. Yes…very long indeed. It must be the choice of books that made my reading quite..a burden. Thank God today I happened to pick one of the most fascinating books I have ever chanced upon. Its a book by Sophie Kinsella entitled Confessions of a Shopaholic. Okay..I know, it sounds familiar and I have actually watched the movie and liked it, the reason why I decided to check on the book version ..finally after hesitating a million times. Thank God (again). Because this book invigorated my passion to write..again.

I am thinking of reading all the books that I liked that has been adapted to movie. For now, I have already bought The life of Pi, Confessions of a Shopaholic and I don’t know how she does it. All are quite an easy reading and in fact I have just finished reading Life of Pi yesterday..which actually what inspired me to buy more novels which have been adapted to movie, just so I can drink on the literary side of it. Kindda. To be honest, I actually picked 4 books in the bookstore, but ended up just buying two. I was thinking, I shouldn’t be too greedy just because, my intellectual mind is hungry for “words” and wisdom and..leisurely feeling one can only get from reading. Of course, I can always come back to the book store and buy what I have left behind. Right??..Yes..Of course (Not sure when that would be)

I admit, I’m lacking a little bit in the reading department this year. Reason being, I exhausted myself last year with a whooping 54 books ┬áto meet my own personal target. It was fun, but I don’t think I want to set that kind of goal anymore..because I don’t want to end up hating the row of books I keep seeing every time I visit the book store. Its much more fun, visiting once in a while. It feels like everything is new and I will be so excited to get my hands on like..”anything” I set my eyes upon. Huhu..

So back to reading..I am excited that I am having something that I really like to read..To tell you the truth, the real reason that I am back to reading is because, right now I am so into this Goddess Of Fire drama that I am checking the net every seconds to get an update..and I don’t think its normal…and to remedy my situation, I turn to my suppose to be number one hobby which is reading to keep me calm until the next monday & tuesday when the drama is airing. I’d say the drama isn’t that quality wise good..it just that, I like it and when I like something, I can quickly become sucked into it and obsessing it and the next thing I know..”I need to get a life”. LOL.

But reading is good. Reading makes me feel I am smarter than usual and..of course it helps me to organize my thoughts which then can be transformed into written words..like what I am doing right now.

Well..I am going to continue my reading now..( after I check on GOF on the net..kekekek)

Happy holiday & take care all!!