Jogging on Saturday Morning

It has been a long time since I jogged at the park. Exercising seems has taken a back seat in my life since…I can’t remember when.. 🙂 Not a good thing..right?

I am glad I decided to drag my but off to the park this morning and because it is a rare occasion, I proudly present to you…the pictures of Tun Fuad Stephens Park, Bukit Padang. It is my favourite spot to jog because of its really breathtaking scenery. Take a peek;-Image



There is also a good seafood restaurant here namely Kampung Nelayan Restaurant that offer not only a variety of seafood dishes and that includes steamboat dishes but also a performance of cultural dance. I heart the steamboat dishes because the price & the food is just nice plus the scenery is great.


And then after you are done sweating, you can stroll along the stalls at the parking lot and buy some meats, drinks, vegetables, fruits, flowers..( a mix of everything) to your liking. Its not a problem if you are just there to jog. You can now..enjoy the rest of your Saturday, feeling refreshed. Like me…:)


I think I am going to do this more often. 30 minutes every Saturday. Cool??


I am having a nice day here. I hope you are too.  Chaiyo! Chaiyo!!

Have a blessed Saturday 🙂