Jogging on Saturday Morning

It has been a long time since I jogged at the park. Exercising seems has taken a back seat in my life since…I can’t remember when.. 🙂 Not a good thing..right?

I am glad I decided to drag my but off to the park this morning and because it is a rare occasion, I proudly present to you…the pictures of Tun Fuad Stephens Park, Bukit Padang. It is my favourite spot to jog because of its really breathtaking scenery. Take a peek;-Image



There is also a good seafood restaurant here namely Kampung Nelayan Restaurant that offer not only a variety of seafood dishes and that includes steamboat dishes but also a performance of cultural dance. I heart the steamboat dishes because the price & the food is just nice plus the scenery is great.


And then after you are done sweating, you can stroll along the stalls at the parking lot and buy some meats, drinks, vegetables, fruits, flowers..( a mix of everything) to your liking. Its not a problem if you are just there to jog. You can now..enjoy the rest of your Saturday, feeling refreshed. Like me…:)


I think I am going to do this more often. 30 minutes every Saturday. Cool??


I am having a nice day here. I hope you are too.  Chaiyo! Chaiyo!!

Have a blessed Saturday 🙂


HE who Saves Me

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be away from home as far as possible. “Home” couldn’t give me peace. It wasn’t because I had bad parents. It just that…my parents seemed like, they were never happy with each other. Even now, I couldn’t recall a single memory of them smiling or laughing together. I felt suffocated. That’s why, I studied hard with the hope that I would be awarded a scholarship which will enable me to study somewhere, anywhere but near home. Of course my parents wanted me to do well in school, but they didn’t know the motivation  behind it was not exactly because I wanted to please them. I was just being a selfish bra**.

By the way…I want to continue my life story so badly like..right now (because I am eager to share how I changed from being a bra**y girl to a better person 🙂 )..but actually before I do that..I think I will continue that story in other post…today what I really want to share, is about what happened today.

I have a friend who really is now going through a hard time. What is happening to her right now, is not that much different from what happened to me in the past, the reason why I am reminded of my struggling + rebellious years.

I am no longer bitter or sad about the past but one thing for sure is that, I am still grateful & thankful. 🙂

My friend is going through a depression and clawing through the ground to find some peace and solace. I really want to comfort her so I told her about the various things that I did to come out from depression. The things that I did as I told her were; adopting a pet , listening to gospel song, reading self-help books, emptying my heart out by continuously writing in a journal, daily bread reading, taking up a hobby:knitting & finally (of course there were plenty…), but because she didn’t seem to receive those mentioned things well…I told her the only thing that she MUST hear and MUST believe and DO which is to PRAY and become CLOSER to GOD.

You know what..I didn’t cry when I told her about my struggling years, but tears were welling up in my eyes when I remember that God was and is the one who SAVED me. So, no matter what I shared with her today, I hope she believed me when I said if she wants to be released from “depression”..she should seek God with all her strengths. 🙂

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze

(Isaiah 43:2)

Apricot Seed


Apricot seed

I have been having a certain health problem for a while now and thus, is more than happy to eat anything recommended by people who have the same health problem like me. Last Saturday I have been blessed enough to get this apricot seeds from my cousin. She said, this one really works for her and also to those whom she carefully seek for good advise. This apricot seeds contain Vitamin B17 and claimed to be able  to cure several type of diseases which include cancer. 🙂 With that, I am happily consuming it. It was really bitter tho’. But after a while and I have been eating it for a week now, I am no longer bothered by the bitterness. I am actually kind of addicted to it. My cousin said the recommended amount to be consumed is 3 seeds/day time & 3 seeds/ night time and not too much because it can cause dizziness. So far, I have not suffered any headache and I am loving it. should try it.  Why not?.. 🙂