Getting To Know You

When I go out with a friend and I have the intention to get to know her better, I normally ask a very specific question. I ask about her hobby. The thing is, when I want to get to know someone, I like the idea of adding another value to myself by adopting her unique attractive hobby (trait).

Today I met my friend and from our long date today, I uncovered her very specific hobby which is cataloging her books. 🙂 I think that is something very interesting and I am seriously thinking of following her footstep.

When you like someone aka friend or attracted to someone personality, and you want to relate to her better and also you want to feel better acquainted with her, you would want to do something like that. It is another way of showing your love & support for her. At least, for me, it is like that. 🙂

But also I did that because sometime when I chatted with a friend, I talk too much or I interrupt a lot. I hate that part of me. To make me stop talking too much, I start that kind of conversation “what is your hobby?” or “What items do you normally buy in the supermarkets?”…then I would listen very carefully without interrupting. That way, I could engage her more in the conversation without feeling guilty of conquering the whole conversation. It’s not fair isn’t? 🙂

But then again I am actually a very awkward person. I get nervous very quickly when I have or need to talk with someone. Me being a chatterbox is another way to cover up my awkwardness. (LOL) That’s me. 🙂

Hey..who cares. The important thing is I had fun and I am happy. 🙂