Appreciating Food

I spend most of the time…eating alone, so I started from…neglecting my meals, to eating simple meals and now..leveling up to appreciating food by trying to be a little bit more creative with my food preparation and presentation. (A beginner, I am)

What I think about food? I think, I don’t like dramas that portray busy people have no time to eat proper meal so they have no choice but to eat Ramen. But then again…I had enough of Ramen when I was…once upon a time a student. I also think, the very basic thing everyone should enjoy in life, it is only right to learn preparing food that makes you happy and full. Don’t forget that it has to be nutritious.

I came to realize that…preparing food can be a lot of fun. It sparks creativity and let you immerse in another world. Its a freedom to be able to create what interest you. But of course…I am not a chef and I am clumsy in the kitchen. I just recently thought that..I think preparing healthy food & presenting it nicely it makes me happy. ^____^

By the favourite show is Iron Chef.