Apricot Seed


Apricot seed

I have been having a certain health problem for a while now and thus, is more than happy to eat anything recommended by people who have the same health problem like me. Last Saturday I have been blessed enough to get this apricot seeds from my cousin. She said, this one really works for her and also to those whom she carefully seek for good advise. This apricot seeds contain Vitamin B17 and claimed to be able  to cure several type of diseases which include cancer. 🙂 With that, I am happily consuming it. It was really bitter tho’. But after a while and I have been eating it for a week now, I am no longer bothered by the bitterness. I am actually kind of addicted to it. My cousin said the recommended amount to be consumed is 3 seeds/day time & 3 seeds/ night time and not too much because it can cause dizziness. So far, I have not suffered any headache and I am loving it.

Yeah..you should try it.  Why not?.. 🙂