Three Times

I am overly sensitive these days. For example I cried three times for different reasons;-

  1. I cried tearfully because I was so moved by my mother’s prayer.
  2. I cried joyfully while listening to a song, because Josh Groban’s voice was so beautiful in it.
  3. I cried because I was overwhelmed by emotion and by feeling of…repentance.., while reading Robert A Schuller book entitled Leaning Into God When Life is Pushing You Away.

A while ago I cried while watching a K-Movie, entitled My Little Hero. But that was not the first time. Heartwarming story always make me cry.

I think my eyes have started to stock plenty of tears reservoir because I have not found my self lacking of tears these days, thankfully for the good things. 

I hope it continues to be so. I want to cry for the right thing. Not because my life is pitiful because I know I am strong enough to weather any storms with God helps. But because I have finally open up my heart to all the beautiful things in this life that I can easily be moved and be touched by the beauty of it.

Life is beautiful.

Happy New Year!!!