If I Had It All..

I used to think that because I never had anything when I was growing up, it is only natural for me to want stuff when I finally landed a job. And I was living like that for a few years until it dawned on me that Its not what I really want in life. I have said what I want in the previous post so, I am going to skip on that, (coz I don’t want you to “vomit blood” & hurl your laptop away..because of me.. ) 😛

About making it big and having it all, I appreciate great talents that bring people to prosperity and fame and I believe that world is rewarding those people who have real talents. So when I think about it, I concluded that talent and passion comes before success.

However, talent can also bring you good riches or hell on earth. It depends on who you are as a person inside. Barbra Streisand once said that “success doesn’t change you, it only emphasize who you really are inside”.

Having said that, I think this world is full of people who have real talents but is afraid of going forth to harness it and make it into something big. It would be nice to have all of us realize our God given talents and make this world a better place. (As in really becoming successful and  helping people and not start doing all the crazy stuff only the rich & famous is capable of doing..Oppss)

You see, sometime when we finally make it big in this world, we would think that it is all because of our own effort and so, we forget God. But those people who have nothing, never doubt that God is the one who provides them with everything. Anyway, don’t make it as a reason to not become a successful person. If God brings you to it, it means something to Him. So make your success as something meaningful to you and to HIM. 🙂

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? ~ Mark 8:36