Ten Pieces Of Inspiration

Cover of "The Palace Thief: Stories"

Cover of The Palace Thief: Stories

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I want to share some of the things that I have learned from my readings. These ten things I  want to share with you here are what I have carefully chosen and what I think most valuable lessons to me so far. 🙂

  1. Always be sincere, because it always get the message across. Lesson from Moon Geun Young.
  2. Be yourself. Stay in character because the character you have now is what bring you where you are. You really don’t need to act out of character (trying to be someone you are not). Lesson from T.D Jakes in Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment.
  3. To have the right aura. People can sense your aura be it good or bad. Everything has vibration and if you gives off the right or good vibration the universe and the person right next to you will sense it and respond to it accordingly.Lesson from Masaru Emoto.
  4. To be true to your heart. Search and do what excites you. God made people to live life to the fullest and not just to become complacent like a dead stagnant river which without flowing will never have enough life to sustain it. Lesson from John Eldredge in his book The Journey of Desire.
  5. Character is fate. You can’t hardly turned out to be different or expect people to change because character is what you are, a destiny. Lesson from Ethan Canin, as quoted from Heraclitus and written in The Palace Thief and Other Stories.
  6. If you are stuck somewhere you won’t be able to move on. So learn to mend each step that has broken before moving up any further  because if you don’t do that it will be coming back to you again and again until you have learned the lesson. Lesson from Katherine Brazeltone in Pathway to Purpose For Women
  7. Take up faith when you are fearful. These two (faith & fear)  always run together side by side. Lesson from Samuel Rodriguez in Path of Miracles.
  8. Destiny is determined by choices we made. Like Peter and Judas both at some point betrayed Jesus. However Judas chose to hang himself whereas Peter chose to redeem himself by becoming the “rock” and taking care of the people Jesus left for him to love. Lesson from Max Lucado in Cast of Characters.
  9. To release yourself from the “pact” you made a long time ago. Release yourself from the pact that keep holding you back and start again as a child of God.(You can’t never runaway from sinning as long as you live). Lesson from Paulo Coelho in his book The Valkyries.
  10. Your purpose in life is all in the roles you are playing now as an employee, a wife, a daughter, a friend and etc. It is the small thing in each of these roles that make up for the big purpose you have in this life. So before you ask God to give you that one big purpose, play the one you already have because perhaps those are the place your lesson lies before the next big thing/role you need to carry in the future. Lesson from Katherine Brazeltone  in Pathway to Purpose For Women.